Endless List Of Favorite Songs - Primadonna ( Marina And The Diamonds)

"Cause I'm a primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can't help that I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise, the fall

You say that I'm kinda difficult
But it's always someone else's fault
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe
You can count on me to misbehave"


Posters from Rodchenko and Mayakovsky designed in Soviet Union 1923 - 1928.

Рекламные плакаты Родченко и Маяковского, созданные в Совестком союзе в 1923-1928 годах.


Today is 120th birthday of my favourite Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, that’s why I decided to rewrite one of his most famous poems Lily Dear! (or Lilichka!) as if I were to read it aloud. That’s how I would pick accents and pronounce words.
Happy Birthday, Vladimir Vladimirovich.


Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1974.

I never wanted any of this. I never wanted to be in the games. I just wanted to  s a v e  my sister and keep Peeta alive.
Ms. Everdeen it´s the things we love most…that can  d e s t r o y  us

From The Hunger Games to Mockingjay.


Character Development 

From The Hunger Games (if applicable) to Catching Fire to Mockingjay Part 1

Marina Diamandis photographed by Danilo Giuliani [x]

Track Title: Who We Are Audio Clip

Artist: Zayn Malik

For the first time EVER - the guys are releasing their 100% official audio book for their new autobiography WHO WE ARE, and here’s a clip of Zayn!

You can get even closer and listen to the guys tell their story to you in their own words.

Japan Perrie is life